Tuesday, December 9, 2008

weekend marathon ...volume 2

So Rockstar and I went out to lunch Saturday afternoon at the place that we always go if we have an afternoon off. Someplace romantic you may ask,....not really. We always go to Ikea. ....Because we are big dorks. We look at furniture and cabinets and dream of what we could do with our house if money were no object. Plus Ikea has a fantastic cafeteria with really good food. Call it what you will, but hey, we know what we like.

So we finish up with Ikea and we need to get back because my in laws were going to be dropping off the kids soon. So we start heading in that direction, when my husband starts taking a little detour.

Me- "ok where are you going? Have you forgotten how to get home?"
Rockstar- "I have always wanted to see what kind of neighborhoods are over in this area."
Me- "It's right next to the airport, nobody lives over here voluntarily. Sightseeing over, we need to get home so your parents don't think we ditched the kids on them"
Rockstar- "Oh they can wait, I just want to see what is over here......"
Me- (starting to get antsy) "We can do this another time, c'mon we need to get home"

Meanwhile we pull into a hotel parking lot and he turns off the van.

At this point I begin to panic and worry if I should call his parents and let them know that we are going to be late.

Then he says "we aren't going to pick up the kids, they are staying the night at my parents house."



"I couldn't wrap up your Christmas present and put it under the tree, but I can give it to you now."

He got me (us) a night at a really nice hotel here in town. Not just a nice room, the Presidential suite.

Oh heck yes!!

That little fart planned this whole elaborate plan with setting up child care, packing all of our clothes, toiletries and sneeking it out of the house right under my nose. Not an easy undertaking. I see all. But this one slid right past me. He even got all the kids clothes packed and got them all church clothes and remembered pajamas. Not that I have ever doubted his ability to do this, but it's just something that I have always taken care of. But he did it all. Not only did he do it all, but he did it all under the radar.

The room was awesome. It had a jacuzzi in the living room and an enormous television. We did absolutly nothing. It was fantastic! We had pizza delivered and sat in the hot tub most of the night while watching TV. It was so nice not to have to worry about dishes, or working on craft projects that I am doing for Christmas presents. I didn't have to constantly be in ear shot of a baby monitor or sleep with one ear open for the kids. I didn't have to let dogs out in the middle of the night to go potty or break up arguments over toys at 5 AM. It seems so simple, but it was the best Christmas present anyone could have given me.

Here are a few pictures of our room.

We came back down to reality sometime Sunday afternoon when we had to go get the kids. For real I mean.

But because it was a marathon weekend, it was only half done. There is still more to come.......

It should be noted also, what an awesome husband I really do have. Not that anyone has ever doubted this. But I thought I should point out here, because I know he would never disclose this.

His band parted ways a couple months ago. All on good terms, but it was still hard to do so for him. He knew he didn't want to do the whole band thing anymore, so he went out and sold all of his equipment. All but one of his basses. He had a lot of equipment. I say this now, because he had this present for me in mind while he was selling his stuff off. This is not something we could normally afford. He used that money he got to pay for Christmas presents. I can't even begin to express my love and gratitude for such an expression. He so rocks!!
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MacKender 4 said...

What a GREAT guy!
How thoughtful! And all a surprise? He does Rock!

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