Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunshine's musical debut

Last night despite the fact that school has been canceled all this week because of snow and ice, the show must go on for her Preschool class. They had their big Christmas program. It was really cute. I love this age because they are so freaked out to be up in front of everybody that most of the kids either forget to sing or spend their time on stage waving to their parents in the audience. For some reason Sunshine felt a little antisocial and kept a good 3 foot distance from her classmates on the risers. Perhaps she felt more like a soloist than part of a group. Although as a proud mother I can safely say that she did outshine all of those other armatures. Maybe star search is in our future.

When the program was over the teachers handed out stockings to each of the kids with a ton of presents in each one. It was just trinketly stuff like crayons and beads, but they really know how to win the heart of a 4 year old. She was so tickled with herself and her performance. It was really her night to shine.

When it was all over she said her goodbyes and she had to run and give her best friend Cora a big "Merry Christmas" hug. Little girls are just so cute at this age. They looked like a couple of little ladies.


Rhandi said...

OH... MY... GOD. That is so cute! First of all, she is workin' that giant red bow! :) And are they doing sign language with their song? How cute is that!?? It's like a teeny tiny version of Napolean Dynamite's Happy Hands Club!
By the way, her dress & pearls are lovely & I also really like YOUR shirt!

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