Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blazer game

Last night we went out and saw a Blazer game. I have never been to one and Rockstar has not been to one in years. Bug has some sort of special deal from his school for students and their families so we got tickets for really cheap. As you can tell by the pictures we were way, WAY up in the nose bleed section. We still had fun though. The game itself is almost irrelevant. It's all about the experience of everything else going on. Talk about stimulation overload. Everywhere you looked there was something going on.It sort of threw Bug into an overload at first, but he got into the crowd participation stuff.

We ended up getting home around 10 which was way past his bedtime, but he seemed to recover pretty well today. All in all he had a great time. It was just cool that we found something that we can do special with just him. Something that we have been having a hard time with is doing special stuff with them as individuals. (not just family stuff) Something that I am sure all parents of more than one child struggle with. Truth be told we are just making it up as we go along.

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Mari said...

Dude, you totally missed out on the chalupas! But at least we all got to see the Bust a Bucket video.

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