Tuesday, December 9, 2008

volume 4...Rock our faces off!!

So after we finished up with all the candy making festivities on Sunday, we rushed out of there and my friend Molly was so nice to come over and watch the kids for us because we had tickets to the Nine inch nails concert.

It's been a few years since I have been to a big concert like that, but ohh was it worth the wait. Two days later I think my insides are still vibrating from the sheer volume and awesomeness of the whole event.

I love me some Nine inch nails, and I saw them live in 1994. But this show was unlike anything I have ever seen before. They did things with lighting and stage production that completely blew my mind. It's hard to explain without boring you with details, but they used 3 separate screens that were like digital scrims. They used them like an LCD screen. In short, it was like watching a music video live. It was incredible. Add in awesome music and you have a winning combination.

So yeah, that concluded our insane weekend extravaganza. It was a nice cherry on top of a near perfect weekend. Only thing is, we were exhausted when we finally climbed into bed around midnight Sunday night. Monday morning came way too fast :)


j said...

They had signs up at every door: "Warning. Strobe Lights In Use"

That statement is akin to saying: "Warning: Genocide isn't very polite."

The next morning, I felt like my brain had been to the gym. It was awesome.

Mari said...

I'm still having seizures. But it was totally worth it.

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