Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight dvd release party

So last night was the big Twilight dvd release party. The Dvd was going to be released for sale at midnight and we had been following along on the news that people started lining up at 3 in the afternoon to secure their purchase. I mean I know I have a serious problem but there are some super freaky Twilight fans out there. I hate to speak ill of my brethren and all, but wow.

We have been scouting out where we were going to go as there were many options . But we (my friends and I) settled on the Wood Village Walmart. A couple of the actors from the movie were going to be there and signing autographs.

These people here....

The waitress from the Carver cafe.

The little girl that played "young Bella" in the home video in the ballet studio.

And best of all 2 of the guys from the wolf pack/Quillute tribe.

So my friends Molly, Erin and I set out for our hot night on the town.

We got to the Walmart around 9. There was already a line and a lot of buzz in the store. Now nothing was happening until midnight. But already the place was packed. So we went through these giant cattle fence to keep the peace I guess. By the way, it should be noted that all this took place in the garden center which is in fact outside. Once we got in position we had nothing to do but wait in anticipation. My pictures didn't really turn out very well, but this was our view for over 2 hours.

Not all that exciting although it was mostly teenage girls and their mothers. So if one of them got over excited they would just start screaming and because dumb celebrity fever catches like wildfire with this demographic, if one starts screaming, they all start screaming (half the time they didn't even know what they were screaming about) It was a pretty funny sociology study.

We discovered that they were herding everyone in to the signing area in groups of 40. Also that the "celebrities" were leaving at midnight. We found this out 2 hours into waiting in line. We had a good 500 people in front of us and an hour left. There was no way that we would make it in. So we jumped ship and just went into the store to wait until the strike of midnight when we could just buy the dvd and get home.

Once inside we realized that they were set up in the middle of the store and we could see what was going on, we just couldn't get anything signed. We were all fine with that. So I got as close as I could to get a couple pictures. Again, they weren't the best but I was not really allowed to stop to take a picture they made us keep moving at all times. You would think that Elvis was in the building. It was sort of silly. I mean it's not like it was Rob Pattinson or anything it was not even the secondary characters. It was more like the 5th string of actors. But they got an extention of their 15 minutes of fame and felt like total rockstars for the night. Even though it was in a Gresham area Walmart.
Anyhow, these are the pictures that I got inside.

This is the table that they would be sitting at. Exciting no?

This is the nutty fans getting all their crap signed. I could barely get close enough to take a picture so all you really see it the fans.

This is the best I could do. The rest were so blurry that you couldn't even see who it was.

Thats right, if you look closely, it is in fact a Twilight cake. Sure, why not.

Then the clock struck Midnight and the cashiers got flooded with the masses. The poor cashiers looked truly terrified. I guess I would be too if I looked out to a sea of crazed lunatics knowing there may not be enough Dvds for everyone. But it all worked out in the end. I made it through the line and had a big happy ending


Rhandi said...

Was it a lot of fun or were you kinda disappointed? I just couldn't make myself go to one of the midnight parties... no matter how much I love Twilight. So, I slept in this morning & then went to Target this afternoon where I didn't have to deal with a sea of 12 year olds and bought my "Three-Disc Deluxe Edition". My only plans for the evening involve me snuggled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket & Edward Cullen on my TV.

Kristin Coppee said...

Jacqui, you are truly crazy! LOL. Just kidding. Actually, one of my friends called weeks ahead and reserved us the two-disc special edition at Borders and then went down there right when they opened the morning of the release party and picked up tickets for our place in line! We were SECOND in line! But I am pregnant and got NO sleep the night before, so I gave her my money and asked her to pick mine up for me. Early the next morning, she personally delivered it to my doorstep. Now THAT is the way you do it. LOL. I hate the whole "standing in line for hours staring at the back of people's heads" thing. But I admit I stood in line for 5 hours waiting for the midnight premier of the movie in theaters. My dad was so disgusted with me when he heard that. He shook his head and said, "I thought I raised you better than that", to which I responded, "Nope, you did a pretty crappy job". LOL.

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