Sunday, March 22, 2009

Remember when toys were made to last?

Yeah me neither. Most of my toys when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's were cheap plastic from China that was soft and would probably be banned now. But I had my fun and lived to see another day. No harm done.

Today I was cleaning out my garage because we have lived here 8 years and never once parked anything in this garage. Really I could have my fantasized craft room out there if I would just get out there and (light a match to the works) clean some junk out. I stumbled onto all my old Barbies. Boy the hand of time has not been kind to her. What is funny is I have all my Mom's Barbies too and hers look great. I mean they are from the 50's so they look old, but mine that were made in the late 70's or so, all the plastic is soft and sticky feeling. Also the hair has like fused together into a giant dread lock.

My favorite though was my country western Barbie. Did any of you have one of these little gems? She came in a white western-esq jumpsuit with fringe on the sleeves as was the style at the time. She had white go-go/cowgirl boots and a giant Tammy Wynette hairdo. She was awesome!! But the best thing about her and her big selling feature was that she had a button on her back that when pushed, she winked her awesome blue eye shadowed eye. I thought this was so cool.

Well, poor Barbie sort of got outgrown and stuck in a box. She has spent many summers in that box and I am sure the heat just eventually got to her. When I pulled her out today, she resembled a sort of hot mess of a zombie barbie with a part melted eyelid. It was sort sad and hilarious at the same time. I couldn't help myself and I had to document this train wreck.

For what ever reason it cracked me up. Enjoy the horror!



Rhandi said...

I too had the Western Barbie once upon a time. I vividly remember her white Rhinestone Cowgirl outfit, the heavy blue eyeshadow and the lever on her back that made her wink... because apparently that's what cowgirls do. Wink at the drunks in the saloon.
Anyway, your entire story made me giggle, but the video... OH THE VIDEO... I almost tinkled in my pants.

Rhandi said...

PS: I like the new photo of you on your blog.

PS - Part Deux:

MacKender 4 said...

Thanks for the laugh! You crack me up!

Jax said...

Oh my gosh that link you sent was awesome Rhandi! Even new and in the box she looks like she has had a minor stroke. Why did we think this was so cool?

Rhandi said...

Yep... the close up of her face in the box is completely creepy. I have no idea why we thought she was cool. Maybe because having a doll that could wink was "high-tech" at the time? I don't know...

Shanna said...

That was great!! Loved the sound effects of the winking.

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