Thursday, March 12, 2009

My life in a fog.

So this morning I had to man up and get in to the dentist to take care of a wisdom tooth that had been giving me some trouble for literally 9 years. I had every intention of taking care of it back then when it reared it's ugly head. I made an appointment to get all 4 pulled all at once. Soon after I made the appointment I realized that I was pregnant with Bug. So clearly it had to take the back burner. Then it seemed that attention to my wisdom teeth seemed to be the (kiss of death) signal the universe was waiting for to knock me up again. So to sum it up, it took me 9 years to get this taken care of.
So I got in and did it. Whatever. The wisdom teeth themselves were not that big of a deal. It was the other things the dentist decided to take care of once he got me in there that turned painful and problematic. He thought that since we already had some good drugs on board, then he may as well take care of a pesky tooth that needed a root canal too. Not one, but two.
So luckily out of this deal I got some awesome narcotics to enjoy for the next couple of days. Good times.

So I came home and parked it on the couch and listened to some talk radio on the laptop. I soon noticed that the sun was really bright coming through the window. In a fit of annoyance I did away with the curtains on those window some time back. So I did what any spaz under the influence of the junk would do. I laid on the couch in my living room with my sunglasses on. Such a dork.
What is funny about this though is that I didn't really think about just how silly it was until I saw my reflection in the screen of my computer. I then realized that I had to document this moment as a sort of PSA .
Stay off drugs kids! You can't fly if you're high!!

How I really looked.

How I felt.
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j said...

Fear and Loathing in Milwaukie

Jax said...

seriously. We can's stop here this is bat country!

Shanna said...

Awww!! I hate dental work and now that I am older and can afford it (kinda) I am taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of which = owie. BIG time! I had a stupid tooth pulled last week and I still hurt from it and I love the shades, everything better when you are wearing your STUNNA shades!

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.