Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time to get your cute on

So I sent Sunshine up to her room this morning to clean it. She was up there for well over an hour and got little done. But she was quiet and apparently had a fun time. I also sent up some laundry for her to put away herself (one of her chores). I went up to check to make sure everything ended up where it was meant to be.

I soon realize that it is sort of breezy in her room. I pull back her curtains to notice that she has opened her window. This is a huge no-no considering her room is on the second floor and the huge string of kids falling out of windows lately. It's just not safe. All of my kids know this is completely not allowed. Not to mention, it's November and sort of chilly.

I look closer and realize Juanita the giraffe , her favorite stuffed animal is sitting on the window sill. But Sunshine being the little nurturer that she is had the good sense to put a hat and scarf on her. You know, in case she gets chilly.

I thought it was so cute I just had to share it.

Yes it is a pipe cleaner scarf and matching belt.


Also in case you are wondering, I did talk to her about the dangers of opening her own window. She knows how to work the lock on the window so it just needs to be a trust and obedience issue right now.


meetmeinmelange said...

That is sooo cute! Did she actually say she put the scarf and hat on because it was chilly? She will make a good mom some day. Isn't it fun to see the inborn nurturing of little girls.

Jax said...

Yes she did actually say that. She was very concerned for Juanitas health. You know with all the colds going around it would be a shame to catch a chill :)

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