Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mmmm. Doughnuts.

So I got this hankering the other day for doughnuts. I was just too lazy to load up all the kids and run down to the store, so I found a recipe and made them myself. It really was not all that hard. Just sort of messy. Sunshine and I made doughnut holes (mainly because I didn't feel like rolling out the dough and using cutters) . They were no Krispy Kreme, but they were every bit as good as what you would get from Safeway. That and we had fun making them.

Here's the recipe if you feel so inspired.

Doughnut holes

4 Cups Bisquick
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp nutmeg
about 1 1/3 cups cold water

Preheat a deep pan on the stove top to 375-400 (I used a candy thermometer to judge) with about 4 inches of oil. (I used canola)

Mix all dry ingredients together in the mixer and slowly add enough cold water to form a stiff dough. (I threw in a little flour just so I could work with the dough without it sticking to my hands) Roll dough into balls about the size of walnuts. Drop balls a few at a time into hot oil and fry until golden brown. (about 2 or 3 minutes). Drain on a paper towel. While they are still hot and a little moist from the oil I rolled them in a cinnamon and sugar mixture to coat them but you could also do powdered sugar.

And voila!! Awesomeness on your counter top!

Also this is something that has many little jobs so you can get kids involved.

Sunshine was my cinnamon / sugar duster. She did a great job.
The end product. From start to finish this took about an hour and a half. But do beware....this makes a huge mess in the kitchen. But it was worth every bite.
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j said...

They tasted like doughnuts are suppose to taste.

You don't need to enhance sugar, make it sweeter in a laboratory, then spread it on a doughnut to make it taste better.

Just leave the tried and true method alone and let it be, and it tastes so much better.

Rhandi said...

You are amazing. You were "too lazy" to load up the kids & go to the store... but had no issue with making donuts from scratch with the help of a mini-assistant (who no doubt needed instruction & constant supervision, what with sharp untensils & hot oil in the same room), and then had to clean up the messy kitchen. You are SO patient and NOT lazy! If I ever have kids, I hope that I am even just HALF as good at being a mom as you are.

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