Sunday, November 2, 2008

The October 32nd party

So last night Rockstar and I got to go to a real life grown up party. His band played a huge house party out in Damascas. It was a a lot of fun. There were 6 or 7 bands that played and everyone was in costume.

I only got a couple of crummy pictures, but really I sort of felt like the stage mom taking pictures, so I chose to enjoy the show rather than take pictures. That and I couldn't get very close to the stage because there was a pretty rowdy mosh pit in front and I didn't want to get sucked into it. (One of the hazards of a rock show)

My childhood best friend came up from White Salmon and her boyfriend were able to come up and go to the party with us too. It was really nice hanging out with her again. Although it was sort of a deja vu moment being at a rowdy party out in the boonies as this how we spent most of our torrid youth :)

A good time was had by all.

Any more disclosure of the events of the night and I fear I may tarnish my squeeky clean (like who am I fooling?) image you may have of me :)
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Kristin Coppee said...

Ooh fun. It's been too long since my hubby and I have gone out and enjoyed live music. Nice costume. I was Bella. Bella AFTER she got bit and she was totally hot and stuff. Remember that part? Have you read the books? Okay, anyway, it took a TON of makeup and a wig and even then I had to explain a lot who I was...and also why I was dressed up and my kids weren't.

j said...

What kind of things are you embarrassed to talk about?

Was it that we didn't hit the stage until 2:00am, or that we brought the rock so hard and the mosh pit got so out of control that people ended up taking out a table and a tripping a circuit breaker in the house and had us standing up on stage for 5 minutes while they re-routed power?

Or maybe it was when I did my sweet jump off of Dan's bass drum in perfect time?

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