Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who can make the sun shine? Sprinkle it with dew.....

So among some of the responsibilities I have with PTA this year is I am taking care of class parties that involve PTA. I have done a couple of them and what we do is give the kids the choice between snow cones, popcorn or cotton candy. Guess what they usually choose? Cotton candy.
We have a machine at the school, but it is really loud and causes quite a stir amongst the kids that aren't getting a class party. It can get ugly real quick. So this time I opted to bring the machine home and make it all up ahead of time and then just hand out bags of cotton candy. Sounds simple right?
So I bring the machine home get all my stuff together and fire it up in my family room thinking if it makes a mess I can mop it off the hard wood floors. Mind you I have only ever done this outside and never really paid too close attention to the insane mess it stirs up.It seemed like such a great idea in my head. It usually does. I fire it up and instantly sugar chunks and cotton fuzz goes flying in every direction. I immediately turn it off but the damage is done. It is on the walls, ceiling and floor.
We quickly moved the whole works outside and away we went. I got the cotton candy made up and delivered to Sunshine's AM Kindergarten class and everybody was happy.

Of course I spent the next couple of days picking blue sugar chunks out of the drapery.
Just another day in paradise.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Holidays are over!!

So finally I have had a second to get my act together and put up our holiday pictures. I have been putting them together when I thought I may as well just do it after the New year's eve pictures could go into the mix.

To those of you that were playing the home game, we went to my in-laws for Christmas eve and had a great time as usual. It was just our family pounding down beer dogs and fondue as is our traditional Christmas eve meal in our family.

We then spent Christmas day here at home playing with our new toys. The kids got webkins and spent the day playing online with their new friends as this is a world we have managed to avoid until now. It seems to have quickly turned into an addiction with them.

Then the day after Christmas, we packed it up and went down to the southern Oregon coast to spend Christmas with my mom who is working as a state park camp host down there. So we braved it and went camping in a yurt on the coast in late December. It was something that we could honestly say that we have never done :) It was actually a lot of fun and the yurts were nice and heated. The weather was nice (nice for the coast anyway) and my Mom, Peanut and I were even able to go out for a walk on the beach. It was chilly, but bearable. Rockstar took the older kids over to a skate park in Reedsport which was the closest town. We really did have a great time.

New Year's eve sort of crept up on us. We aren't really big party folk anymore and finding babysitting on a night like New years is near impossible. Luckily most of our friends are in the same boat so we all just got together and let the kids run wild together. We had 3 families and a total of 11 kids running wild. We all had a lot of fun playing video games and just hanging out.

So there you have it. I compiled all of our Holiday adventures into one slide show and threw in my favorite version of my favorite Christmas song of all time and voila, the Holidays are finally over!!

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