Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who can make the sun shine? Sprinkle it with dew.....

So among some of the responsibilities I have with PTA this year is I am taking care of class parties that involve PTA. I have done a couple of them and what we do is give the kids the choice between snow cones, popcorn or cotton candy. Guess what they usually choose? Cotton candy.
We have a machine at the school, but it is really loud and causes quite a stir amongst the kids that aren't getting a class party. It can get ugly real quick. So this time I opted to bring the machine home and make it all up ahead of time and then just hand out bags of cotton candy. Sounds simple right?
So I bring the machine home get all my stuff together and fire it up in my family room thinking if it makes a mess I can mop it off the hard wood floors. Mind you I have only ever done this outside and never really paid too close attention to the insane mess it stirs up.It seemed like such a great idea in my head. It usually does. I fire it up and instantly sugar chunks and cotton fuzz goes flying in every direction. I immediately turn it off but the damage is done. It is on the walls, ceiling and floor.
We quickly moved the whole works outside and away we went. I got the cotton candy made up and delivered to Sunshine's AM Kindergarten class and everybody was happy.

Of course I spent the next couple of days picking blue sugar chunks out of the drapery.
Just another day in paradise.

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