Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camera sprites have taken over

So I pulled everything off of my camera last night and had to giggle at what I found on there. It had been laying on the coffee table and I kept catching one or all of the kids playing with it. I would tell them to put it down and they knew that playing with it was off limits. But that doesn't always stop them.

I find this on the camera. I'll just give it to you in the sequence that I found it. I am not exactly sure who the perpetrator was here, but it made me laugh.

I blame those pesky camera sprites.


j said...

I reviewed the evidence, including the unposted pictures. It's clearly Logan taking the pictures as you can see Gracie in the second shot.

I think what happened was she realized what he was doing and started egging him on.

That way she can claim innocence if they get busted. "Oh, I didn't do it, Logan was playing with it."

Yeah, but you were encouraging him.

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