Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boy scout field trip

So on Saturday my mom and I took the boys out to the military base by the airport for a boy scout field trip. It was "young American day" and so they let all the kids check out all the fighter jets and military gadgets. Also there were firefighters and police there to answer questions and let the kids touch and try on all their gear.

Bug and Peanut has a great time. Bug got to try on Kevlar and hold a missile launcher. (The highlight of his day) But the big highlight of our day was that it was in fact right on the runway of the airport so we were literally 300 yards or so from airplanes taking off and landing. Plus the base had fighter jets in the air doing fly-bys. My mom and I were practically chasing down the runway pumping our fist in the air. It was very exciting to say the least. Bug was a little off put by the extreme volume of the jets. My mom and I couldn't help but spend the rest of our day doing Top gun quotes and peeking around corners in hopes to find a sweaty volleyball game in progress somewhere. But to no avail.

We got some decent pictures out of the day though.


The Coys said...

I love the Top Gun reference. Haha. There's a guy on the Bachelorette that sort of reminds me of Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

MacKender 4 said...

What a great field trip! Sounds like so much fun!!

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