Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pardon me but I'm trying to have a life here

I am sorry but you know how life goes. School activities , PTA fundraisers, awana , and 3 kids in sports. Oh yeah and I have 1 full time job and 3 part time jobs on top of being a stay at home mom. I just flat out haven't had time to sneeze let alone blog. But I found a cool app for my phone that let's me post on the fly. So I wanted to test it out. So there you go. One day I'll be able to enjoy my time but for now it's full speed ahead.


Joe and Nancy said...

Hey Jax - its so fun to read your stuff. Keep it up girl.

Tom said...

Watch the sun rise and set. Hold your kids tight and kiss your husband or wife each night.

Last year on Oct 13th my wife past away from cancer. Each night in bed i wish she was with me that night. When I look into my boys eyes I see her and want to hold her one more night.

Just remember your family and live each night.

God Bless and Good Night

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