Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!

Good grief it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I updated this blog. It looks like another epic mega post is in order to get you all up to speed in my life.

It has been an insane several months with a lot of twists and turns.

Here's where you left off.......

February......Sunshine's 6th birthday.

She decided that she wanted to do a cupcake decorating party. So we had all her besties over for some sugar fueled sticky fun.

We decorated cupcakes....

Then came the pinata. Which let me just say right now that little girls wielding a bat hopped up on a sugar rush was a sort of ill thought out plan, but we made it work.When it broke ,the girls all screeched and descended on this poor thing like a pack of vultures. It happened so fast I forgot that I was no longer watching dainty little girls but sugared up fiends delighting in the prospect of candy that was surely waiting for them if only they could strike down this paper mache animal on a rope.
Then just to drive fear into the hearts of her enemies, she felt she needed to wear her victim around for a while. Have I mentioned lately how awesomely weird my kids are ? :)Through it all they all had a great time.

Next we move on to Bug's 9th birthday party in April.

He wanted to have a small party at home but take some friends over to the aquatic park for the day. I like a man with a plan. Simple and defined. I can do that.We opened presents. Then off to the water park we went.It's hard to see, but that streak of lightning coming down the slide there is Bug.
Him hitting the water.Then we came on back and had some root beer float cake. By his request of course.
Moving right along, also in April my friend Erin and I trained for and did a half marathon. It was sort of to round out our Biggest loser challenge we were doing for our gym. We walked it, but still that's a 13.1 mile walk. It was tough to say the least. But because we are who we are we felt compelled to not only do it , but do it in a tu-tu. Because really, why wouldn't you?To read more about my race and see more pictures go here to my other blog. Just so as I am not repeating myself.

Ok....so moving right along we are now into May.

My awesome Rockstar husband took on a huge project through his school. On top of being a straight A student he felt he needed to push himself even more and take on a project for NASA. Yes, that NASA. I'd give you the whole story, but he wrote it all out so nicely in his blog that I'll let him give you the whole back story of it. Go check it out over here. It's ok....I'll wait.

What he didn't mention on his blog is that he was interviewed by a couple different publications and made all kinds of news here at home. Here are a couple pictures from his photo shoot.

We are ridiculously proud of what he has done.

Ok now that you are up to speed as to why he was there, I'll just throw out there that I went with him for (a mini vacation) moral support. So while you got to see the inside of the space center in his blog, I'll show you what I saw that weekend.
This is the outside of the space center where Jason spent the majority of his weekend. I just got to drive past it and get some pictures. In fact, I spent a lot of time just driving around and taking in Texas. I had never been and wanted to see what all it had.
I went through downtown Houston. Nice, but about the same as any downtown of any given city.
I drove down to Galveston and played in the warm 82 degree gulf of Mexico. It was almost too warm. Don't get me wrong here, I am in no way complaining, I loved the warm ocean, it was just so odd seeing that I am so used to the frigid Oregon ocean. It was awfully nice though to get in and play.I saw a whole bunch of oil refineries driving around. That's something you don't get to see here.
But here is where I spent the majority of my time away from my life......Either in my hotel room reading a grown up book uninterrupted with no pictures.
Or here..... choking in the crazy Texas humidity.I spent most of my time alternating between the two. It was a fun 4 days away, but I was more than ready to come home when the time came.

Once we got home, we dove head long into baseball season. Bug was playing on the farm division of little league. He had to try out and was placed on a team where he was one of the best players to sort of stack the team. It did wonders for his self esteem. He had a really good year.Moving along to the year end of Sunshine's ballet and her spring recital. They did a big production of the story of Esther. She was an angel. She had a lot of fun and did a great job. She also loved the backstage environment of getting ready with hair and make-up. It was almost alarming to see these little girls (some 3 and 4 years old) tarted up in full stage make up. Here are a few pictures from that.
So here we are almost ready to wrap up our school year (and this incredibly long blog post) but before we do, we need to properly Graduate Sunshine from her kindergarten class. It has been a fun year but the time has come to move up to all day "big kid" classes.
So that pretty much brings you up to speed. I now see the need to keep on top of updating this as I have spent the better part of my day getting this post up and ready to go.
Also, I did notice that this post is very Bug and Sunshine heavy. Peanut was feeling a little left out so here is a cute picture of him just to level the field.


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