Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice day for the beach

So after the week we had, what with school starting and me (sort of) going back to work, our week has just been brutal.

Wouldn't you know I would take it upon myself to get some yard work done along with draining the pool this week. I mean hey, school is back , that means it's fall right? Wrong! I chose poorly. Had I looked at the upcoming weather forecast I would have noted that 90 degree weather was coming this weekend. But I didn't. So with this crazy freak heat on the way and no way to cool our self off, I made the split second decision this morning to head for the beach where it is always cooler than it is here. The Oregon coast is notorious for being cooler than any scorching temperature we have here.

Today was no exception. It was perfect weather. Not too cool but warm enough to play in the normally icy waters.

It was a great day.

Now we are off to start another week, refreshed.....Mostly.


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