Monday, August 10, 2009

Tearing down the house!!!

So one of the things that has always bugged me about my house was my kitchen. If you follow along here, you know that I spend the majority of my day in the kitchen because someone is always hungry in this house. I have this strong desire to feed everyone that comes though my doors.

But my kitchen is an "L" shape that looks into my family room with this set of cabinets right at eye level. It drives me nuts. So you have to bend down to have a conversation with anyone in the basic same room. It feels closed off for no real reason.

These are my cabinets.

So we decided yo knock out cabinets out to give more of an open feel. The cabinets we knocked out were mostly just for look anyway. They barely held anything efficiently and had weird shelves. I kept most of my dry goods out in the garage pantry anyways. So it was really not this big sacrifice.

Well my friends Molly and Carl decided to come over and help us do the job. What it turned into is Carl knew exactly what he was doing and he did most of it himself. The whole cabinet came down in about 30 minutes. It was just screwed into the ceiling. It all came down in once piece.

Then once it was done Molly and I painted it to match the rest of the kitchen. The entire project took all of an hour. It just took 4 adults. It looks so much better though.

Also something we discovered once we started taking them down, is that the vent over our stove was hooked up to nothing. It was just a prop. There is a hole in the ceiling, but nothing was connected to it. It served no purpose. So depending on what the code is, we may need to get another one if we ever go to sell, but since we have been getting by with only the illusion of having one this long, there is no real hurry to put in another one.

I got up this morning and could actually keep an eye on my kids as I made their breakfast. I was awesome! Chaos didn't ensue when I left the room, because I didn't really leave the room. It totally opens up the two rooms.

Now I need to find another project to occupy myself with. How about pulling the house back together after this one :)


Mol said...

It was so much fun! I want to tackle something else now. Whatta ya got? :0)

MacKender 4 said...

Looks great! It is so open looking. I'll bet it makes the room feel bigger!

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