Saturday, September 13, 2008

The company picnic

So today we went to my husband's company picnic. He works for a local utility company that has a lot of employees that also once included my father in law and now currently includes my mother in law. We are just one big PGE family. (Portland general electric)

So with a big company and a lot of employees, you need a big place to have said company picnic. This year they held it at Oaks park. It is our local amusement park. We had all access passes through the park which meant unlimited rides and roller skating. With our big family , we took advantage of every inch of that place.

Bug was not feeling it for any of the rides. He's not much of a ride kid. He likes to be in control of his surroundings at all times and nutty rides play no part in that. He's just like his Dad. My poor husband and Bug were getting anxious just watching some of these rides.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sunshine and I were dying to get on them. My father in law wanted to go on them too, so between the three of us, I think we about hit every ride in the place. There were a handful that we didn't make it on, but I will save them for next time.

We also went roller skating for about an hour. I always forget how much fun it is and how much work it is. You use muscles that you use nowhere else but in roller skating. We had a good time.

We got some great pictures of the day. My personal favorites are the action shots in the rides.

Like here we have Sunshine the fearless on the roller coaster with Grandpa.

This one was taken as I was cruising top speed spinning through the air on this thing .

This is My father in law with me going upside down on the roller coaster.

Then here is just a sideshow of the whole day as there were too many cool shots to put them up individually.

Needless to say we had a great day.


Rhandi said...

My personal favorite is the one of you with the big cheesy grin in the slideshow. Looks like a great day!

jay said...

I especially love the pic of grandpa and sunshine enjoying the ride.

And . . the one of you and grandpa upside down . . you have such a pic smile on your face. We laughed out loud. It was a good day with the whole family.

Sandi said...

Grandpa looks like "The Pan".

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